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Manage all energy flows on a single platform

ennexOS from SMA is the only cross-sector platform for holistic, intelligent energy management. Energy flows can be sustainably optimized and energy costs can be significantly reduced by interlinking various energy sectors such as heating, climate control, electricity and mobility.

The energy world is changing. The times when energy suppliers and energy consumers stood on two different sides are over. Private households, businesses and industry are no longer just consumers; an ever increasing number are also becoming power generators themselves—with a decentralized distribution across many locations. These complex processes can be managed via automation only. Digitization is therefore key and an essential element of the energy transition.

With ennexOS, energy management processes can be digitized and automated. Based on over 35 years of experience with systems for renewable energy generation and management, SMA has developed a practical solution that provides extensive benefits for both installers and users.

  • Ökologische Energieversorgung mit Carbon-Footprint-Nachweis
  • Sichere, günstige Energie ein Leben lang (Beitrag zur Altersvorsorge)
  • Unabhängigkeit von Energieversorgern durch eigene Strom- und Wärmeerzeugung
  • Zusatzerlöse durch optimale Vermarktung von nicht benötigtem Reststrom
  • Komplexe Energiewelt einfach steuern und kontrollieren
  • Optimierungspotenziale in der Versorgung erkennen und umsetzen – zu jedem Zeitpunkt
  • 100 % Kostentransparenz über alle Sektoren hinweg
  • Sichere Energieversorgung und dadurch Schutz der Geschäftsprozesse
  • Erweiterung des eigenen Leistungsangebotes inklusive Vertriebsunterstützung
  • Komplexe Energiesysteme einfach konfigurieren und inbetriebnehmen
  • Anlagenparks schnell konfigurieren und inbetriebnehmen
  • Effizientes Servicegeschäft durch automatisierte Überwachung


Energy demands are increasing daily. The new energy world is complex but is also opening up significant savings potential. With ennexOS, you will be in a position to manage this complexity, increase your energy efficiency and reduce energy costs at the same time. The result: your electricity costs reduced by up to 80%.

“Energy management is being discussed by many. SMA has been developing systems for generating and managing energy for over 35 years. All of this knowledge has been incorporated into ennexOS.”

— Maik Brüschke, Head of Product Group Solutions, SMA

All energy components across all sectors are recorded in ennexOS. All of the data relevant to energy generation, storage and consumption can be brought together into one system through I/O systems, measuring devices and interfaces. All information can be called up simply and securely via the ennexOS platform.

Energy Solutions

With ennexOS, SMA offers companies and private customers individual solutions for independent energy management. This allows consumers to become prosumers in the energy market.


The ennexOS Data Manager M ensures perfect communication between the ennexOS energy management platform and all the energy sectors and the loads connected to them. With a variety of interfaces, it forms the basis for data recording, control and monitoring of energy flows.

As the next generation of the SMA Cluster Controller, the Data Manager M will also be implemented as the professional system interface for controlling large decentralized PV systems. Energy suppliers, direct marketers, service technicians and PV system operators will therefore benefit immediately from new functions and holistic energy management.


ennexOS provides commercial partners with modular solutions for sales support, planning, simulation, configuration and the operation of decentralized energy supply systems—from hardware and software to services. Additionally, solution partners will be given the opportunity to develop applications based on ennexOS.

Cross Sector Energy Management
Commercial Energy Solutions
Operations and Maintenance



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 “The objective with ennexOS is to always achieve optimum results for our customers; therefore, integrating or interlinking other solutions is not just possible but is actively pursued by SMA.”

— Andreas Strusch, Senior Product Manager Solutions, SMA

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