SMA DATA MANAGER M powered by ennexOS

The ennexOS SMA DATA MANAGER M ensures perfect communication between the ennexOS energy management platform and all energy sectors and the loads connected to them. With different interfaces, it forms the basis for data recording, control and monitoring of energy flows.

As the next generation of the SMA Cluster Controller, the SMA DATA MANAGER M will also be implemented as the professional system interface for controlling large decentralized PV systems. Energy suppliers, direct marketers, service technicians and PV system operators will therefore benefit immediately from new functions and holistic energy management.

Number of supported devicesSMA devices: 25
Modbus/TCP I/O: 3
Modbus/TCP Meter: 3
Configuration and commissioningConvenient commissioning via integrated setup assistants
Secure remote configuration of the Data Manager and inverter
Grid management service Zero export
Reactive power functions (Q setpoint, cos-phi setpoint, Q(V))
User interfaceRipple control receiver interface (4 DIs + fast stop)
Direct marketing interface (with external VPN router)
SCADA interface (Modbus/TCP)
Compatibility with RS485-based devices via SMA COM Gateway
User administrationOne central administration account
Access via Sunny Portal account
Web user interfaceInnovative, uniform UI design for Data Manager and Sunny Portal
Data exportSystem data exported daily (FTP push)